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Split window Volkswagens (Splittys) have been a passion of mine
since I was a teen. The first car I ever bought was a German split
window bus 1964 ambulance.

We have owned splitty pick ups single cab splittys and double cab Splittys,
a 1958, 23 window Samba splitt window, campers,Splitty panel vans as well
as STD and custom buses most 1962 and older as well as a couple of

I also spent almost a decade behind the counter of a VW spares
and performance store, so I have decided to dedicate the bus bin,
a site to all the buses out there dead or alive for sale or not.

For any advice on parts or repairs please mail the bus bin on

you can also mail me pictures of your projects completed or not.

Check out the bus bin site to see what guys and their buses are up to.






If you are looking at upgrading or fixing your transmission,
body work, engine work you have come to the right place.
For a more comprehensive view on what we offer click here.

Bugger Transmission stands for top quality and workmanship.The main guy behind Bugger Transmissions is Pierre Eksteen 
who has close to 20 years VW experience


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